I beat Fake Drdrunkenstein :)


It's not only a difference in money, it's a difference in knowledge too. Practical play boots speed ratings more than technical knowledge. FMs have (a relatively large amount) of technical knowledge.

As for speed play, most sub 2000 FIDE players don't realize practical play is important OTB, it is, but technical knowledge players a greater role at slower time controls.

If you only play speed chess your technique will be deficient.


And even though I say FMs have a lot of technical knowledge, they're practically idiots compared to the best players.

I like to say that super GMs are like living libraries of chess. They carry more knowledge in their heads than players can fathom. Hell, you'd probably have to be rated at least 2600 to properly appreciate them.

69AlphaMale109 wrote:
AlanTheron wrote:

I've been surprised with how many untitled players seem to have very high online chess ratings. I assumed someone with a 2500 bullet rating on any site would at least be a National Master in real life.

Some of the strongest players in the world don't play chess in real life.  It's very different to sit down to a blitz or rapid game online,  quite another to free your schedule for a whole day online to play in a rated OTB event.   You do know that there are many amateurs that are highly competitive with the strongest grandmasters and sometimes better, right?  

Can you please name one amateur who is stronger than any 2600+ GM?


69AlphaMale109 wrote:

 if none of those are good enough for you, me.  I am the strongest player in the world right now.