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It's a trap

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    Hello. I know that I'm not by any means a good player (you will probably notice a lot of weird moves), but I'm just playing chess for fun at the moment. I managed to put up a trap that I'm actually proud of!
    I'm playing black by the way.

    Tell me what you think.



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    At the risk of preaching, as an experienced player, one should have the attitude of games are lost by the loser, not won by the winner.  If you want to improve, you should always assume your opponent will make the best move.  If he blunders, go for his throat, and he should be ashamed to blunder, not you proud that he blundered.

    At the end of move 15, white probably has the better position as your e4 is isolated and should fall.  He should (obviously) have taken his time taking it.  And he can do so. Kh1, Bf4, Qd3 are all available.

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