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Keeping cool under pressure is the key

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    I know how good it feels to steal a win from a bad position - especially after you've played poorly - but the point of these forums is to help folks improve.  I'm also a fan of aggressive and unorthodox playing styles and openings, but poor play is simply poor play.  The checkmate at the end of your game is a really beautiful one, and not surprising that a player near your level would overlook that threat.


    The fact remains that you were under pressure the entire game due to the use of an opening (the Scandinavian) which you obviously don't really understand.  Your opponent saw most of your threats and handled all but the last one (32. Bxa7 looks quite OK for white) quite well.


    You can put your opponent under constant pressure, and even give up material while doing so, without resorting to the "IDGAF" attitude.  It's hard to maintain pressure when you're the one giving tempo on account of bringing the queen out too soon.



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    As a young chess player I did lots of Yoga as part of my chess training for keeping cool in tough tournaments.

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    IAMBBW wrote:

    Thank you


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    DeltaDog795 wrote:

    Just remember when you post you open the door for criticism and will probably get tons of it.

    Also remember that--despite all the currently fashionable Life Coach cant--criticism is the only way you are ever likely to improve.

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    AussieRookie wrote:

    I just want to point out how ridiculously bad it is.


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    Well what is there to say. You spent the whole opening trying to hang your queen and got successful only on move 17.


    However I do agree that keeping cool under pressure is the key. That has little to do with the game you posted though.

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    JayeshSinhaChess wrote:

    Well what is there to say. You spent the whole opening trying to hang your queen and got successful only on move 17.




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    Superconsciousness wrote:
    nerlekar wrote:

    This was so bad I'm laughing U BLUNDERED UR QUEEN ON MOVE 9!!! (good luck tho)

    You do realize that it was intentional and I didn't really care about my queen. Or you don't get that either?


      If you don’t care about your queen perhaps you should not play chess.


      Sacrificing the queen for some tangible compensation is one thing, losing material and obtaining a lost positions after 8 moves is another.

     A ‘best game’ is not based on the euphoria created by the final result in a game against a beginner, who missed the very first opportunity to capture the queen, even though it was in plain view. A good game is not one in which one gets away with colossal mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable, but there are repeated huge blunders—intentional or not, they are still blunders—which would make one either start over from scratch, or quit it altogether.

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    At first I wanted to add that, but then decided to do it the next time, assuming it got a response.


     Hmmm, I know.

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    Hmmm, stop

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    Yes, sir. 

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    Thanks Sergeant

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    This should be the game of the century.
    Rising from your own ashes of death to pull off a miracle!
    Absolutely Phenomenal !

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    And handling all that pressure!  Wow! grin.png


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