Legal's mate,mate in 7


Mate in 7,never used it in a real game,but i thought it would be interesting to share it with you something i learned two days ago.


A nice one - I didn`t see it before.


I've used it before in A TOURNAMENT GAME!!!


Yeah i've used it in a blitz OTB game fully capture the french flavor, then I slammed the Knight to Q5 I shouted "L'Etat est Moi, Putain!" Then I kicked over the board, guzzled some cheap beaujolais and called up some whores...


Should have been 5. Nxe5 Nxe5 and white's losing


That is why you play h3 when there is a Knight on c6.


I played into a similar, though not exactly the same, position as that after 4...Bg4 once, and I played the same 5. Nxe5, thinking I had the advantage until he played 5...Nxe5 and I resigned.
5. Nxe5 is just a blunder rewarded by a win.