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Legal's mate,mate in 7

  • #1

    Mate in 7,never used it in a real game,but i thought it would be interesting to share it with you something i learned two days ago.

  • #2

    A nice one - I didn`t see it before.

  • #3

    I've used it before in A TOURNAMENT GAME!!!

  • #4

    Yeah i've used it in a blitz OTB game myself...to fully capture the french flavor, then I slammed the Knight to Q5 I shouted "L'Etat est Moi, Putain!" Then I kicked over the board, guzzled some cheap beaujolais and called up some whores...

  • #5

    Should have been 5. Nxe5 Nxe5 and white's losing

  • #6

    That is why you play h3 when there is a Knight on c6.

  • #7

    I played into a similar, though not exactly the same, position as that after 4...Bg4 once, and I played the same 5. Nxe5, thinking I had the advantage until he played 5...Nxe5 and I resigned.
    5. Nxe5 is just a blunder rewarded by a win.


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