Losing/drawn positions - Opponents single blunder wins you the game.


Hey everyone,

Now I've seen a lot of great play in this particular forum section, but we all know chess games (especially lower rated games like mine!) have as many bad moves as they do good ones! 

Thought I'd make a thread where people can post their "great escapes". We all know that moment where its a drawn/lost position, yet we struggle on, hoping (more like dreaming!) for a miss step from our opponent! Sometimes, however, we get super lucky and get a big one!

Here's one to get started from a recent game of mine :)

I was definitely expecting something like Be4, however I was in for a big surprise!


Obviously I'm not claiming I did anything amazing in this thread, it's purely for some fun with "get out of jail free card" sort of positions.

Post your own so we can enjoy each other's fortune!!



EDIT: Actually I think the second doesn't really fit the theme but I'll leave it there now I typed it.

This game however bringing his bishop to g4 on move 11 allowed a removal of the guard tactic (although only because his queen was behind his knight).


A recent one. His rating was ~1750 but he timed out in a couple dozen games. My position I felt was horrible in this game at move 27 but managed to consolidate my defence and take advantage of a pin to win a piece and relieve pressure. Then after a few more moves I traded down and diverted his king to achieve a winning pawn endgame.


Hey nice tactic in the first one! Even though he could have tried other methods (like capturing your queen for instance) I looked through a few lines and you end up on top in all of them!

As for the second game, not a match losing blunder, but once you got your freedom back, you crushed him. Gj!