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Me vs Computer Impossible - 1/2-1/2

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    Hey all,

    This is the first ever game that I'm able to draw against Computer 4 - Impossible. I was lucky to draw it by threefold- repetition. Here's the game:

    Can someone explain why black couldn't accept the white's knight on the e7 square and in other words why it keep repeating the same moves.. what would happened if it moved some other piece or just let me knight on e7 square? was that a bug or the computers are just so stupid sometimes ? anyways, that was an amazing game lol

    Please comment on it.


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    I thing it was computer software weakness. You had the better position you should have tried Ne3 instead of Nh4 all the time and black should have played Kb8 instead of repeatingsteps all the time. 

    To be honest, a bit look like both of you played without having a strategic plan to go with and without evaluating opponents weakness. I might be wrong though...


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