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My game against GM Timur Gareev (2680) - draw!

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    Here's what happens if black rushes the h-pawn.

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    texasaboy wrote:

    how did u get him to play u?

    taxasaboy, chess.com organised a blindfold simul with GM. And I was chosen out of many other players who also challenged him.


    Thanks to everyone who helped with analysis so far!

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    thanks Tjornan! I see it now

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    Maybe I forgot to add. Timur offered a draw, so I was sure it was not winning. Laughing

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    Very nice fella! ^_^

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    Some days ago there was the 2nd blindfold simul, if I'm not wrong...

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    He has a 2680 blindfold simul rating?

    Answer: No

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    MSC157 has a 1626 standard rating?

    Answer: No

    Haha, just joking, but if he is a GM, why not to take a chance and write 2600+ instead of 1900+? :)

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    Very nice video! 

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