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My Shortest Wins XX

  • #1

    Welcome to the long-awaited twentieth installment of My Shortest Wins! I will be moving on to interesting blitz games, it's mostly just random.

    I couldn't post because I was at a chess tournament! To see the games, click this link: http://www.chess.com/forum/view/game-showcase/my-chess-tournament

    By the way, Happy New Year! Hopefully this year will be better than the last!

    Today's game is a fun win against a 1900 in blitz who was greedy for the rook on h8.


  • #2

    isn't 10.d3 just winning for white?

  • #3

    hmm..I guess so.

  • #4

    12.Qxe3+ doesn't win for white, although it is probably the best move: 12.Qxe3+ Qxe3 13.dxe3 cxb3+ 14.Kf2 b2 15.Bxb2 f6 

  • #5

    I would just go 12.dxe3

  • #6

    10.d3 Bxd3+

  • #7
    nyLsel wrote:

    10.d3 Bxd3+

    Bxd3+ is a blunder. You have no compensation for this sacrifice. I like simple moves, so I would go with Qxe1+.

  • #8

    I am not sure, that white wins after 10: Pd3.

    Variations like Qf4+ 11: Nf3 Pf6 12: Bxh8 Pd4 comes in mind.

    And then for example 13: Qe2 0-0-0 14: Pg3 Qh6 15: Kg2 Ne7 don't win easy

    or 13 Qa5 Bb7 14 Bxh8 0-0-0 don´t win easy


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