Nice Model Mate Achieved OTB

Black to move and mate in four moves:



not a model

ghost_of_pushwood wrote:

not a model

The end position looks like a model mate to me, each square around the white king is attacked only once and every piece except for the king and pawns are involved in the checkmate.


the f3-pawn

He meant every BLACK piece

So what?  It's still not a model mate.

Yeah I think so too. There are much better mates than that



Why is your mate a model mate? Your use of the word doesn't make sense.




That isn't a model mate, your opponent just blundered an easy tactic


First of all, congratulations on your win!


There's such a thing as a Perfect Mate, where every one of the mating side's army is doing something to contribute to the mate. This isn't a perfect mate. 


I agree with @ghost_of_pushwood. It's not a model. It's not a perfect mate. It's not even very brilliant. White dragged out the win for two moves by throwing away rooks rather than resigning. 


If you don't resign your stupid. 



A model mate is a type of pure mate checkmating position in chess in which not only is the

checkmated king and all vacant squares in its field attacked only once, and squares in the king's

field occupied by friendly units

are not also attacked by the mating side (unless such a unit is necessarily pinned to the king),

but all units of the mating side (with the possible exception of the king and pawns) participate

actively in forming the mating net.

That is what wiki says about model mate. since I had never heard of it in 50 years of chess

I am not about to accept wiki's definition but equally I cannot reject it either.

However using that definition, the pawn on f3 is attacked by the rook, which to me implies it is not

a model mate. As pointed out in #4