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OTB Game vs. 2128 USCF

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    I was looking through my database of games and stumbled upon this game that I played a few years ago. Going into this fourth round game, I was 0.5/3 in the U2200 section (I was 1808 and playing up) and was kind of depressed at how the tournament was going. 

    However, he played into one of my favorite openings...the Milner Barry Gambit! I've been told by multiple people that it sucks as an opening and after a6, white is lost (no Nb5 ideas). However, it appears that after a6, my opponent didn't know what to do! This is what happens when you take too many pawns without a plan in this dangerous opening!

    Hope you enjoyed the game!

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    Black's best is supposed to be 11...Rc8, although 11...Ne7 is certainly a good move. This move gives extra protection to the projected ...Bc5, so an eventual Be3 simply drops the e5 pawn.

    12.Rd1 is answered by 12...Bc5! when the d3 bishop has no good discovered attack, and 12.Kh1 by 12...Bc5 13.f4 Nh6 14.Bd2 Ng4! and black is better.

    Black's risky choice to grab the pawn on e5 isn't bad (factly, it may be best) provided that he will return the pawn immediately to simplify to a pawn up position: 13.Be4 Qxe5 14.f4 Nd4! 15.Qf2 Qc7 16.Rxd4 de4 17.Rxe4 Bc5 18.Be3 Bxe3 19.Rxe3 0-0.

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    Nice moves :) good game

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    Wow IM pfren, I didn't even see Nd4 in my analysis! Yeah I definitely agree, black is better in that position. Thanks! and Thanks Catnap!

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    What do you do after 18...Qe5?

    (19.Bf4 Bc5+)

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    Wow, I enjoyed that. May I ask what was the time control for this game?

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    Piphilologist: after 18...Qe5, I think Nb6 followed by Qf2 should be enough to win the game. The dark square penetration and tactics on d5 seem to be unpreventable.


    Rotonblau, the time control of the game was 90 minute with 30 second increment each move

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    I also just played a game in live chess against FM asynchrony that followed this game pretty closely, until he played Bc5+ after retreating the queen to b8

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    lol, people use the term lost way too loosely. Black may have some chances for the advantage in the ...a6 line, but it is quite another thing to claim that his pawn will simply win him the game. But chess is a practical game, and this is a great attack, especially considering you were a class A player doing this to such a strong player at the time.

    I never play these kinds of games. Maybe it's because I only play openings that are supposed to be good. Perhaps it's only by playing openings like the King's gambit and hoping your opponent messes up that you can get him to fail so brilliantly :)

    It has its trade-offs I guess!

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    Bossologist wrote:

    Piphilologist: after 18...Qe5, I think Nb6 followed by Qf2 should be enough to win the game. The dark square penetration and tactics on d5 seem to be unpreventable.

    That looks promising, and I found a nice win for white in that line, but I think black can survive and win

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    I also agree Elubas, I never let people who say an opening is refuted prevent me from playing it. All the more reason to! 

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    An Outstanding stategical/ tactical victory over your strong opponent (expert). With IM phren tremendous analysis a most INSTRUCTIVE thread !! Thanks for posting and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to ALL !   Cool  

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    I think 9.Nbd2 is whites best option to get satisfactory compensation.

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    Yeah mateologist, IM pfren had some instructive insights into the game. Happy Holidays :)

    Randomemory: I want to take back on d4 though. That's the line I like playing. Nbd2 may be the best move, but I like Nxd4 better :)

    ANd piphologist, you're right, it's very pretty.

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    Bossologist wrote:

    ANd piphologist, you're right, it's very pretty.

    did you look at all of my lines? although after 18...Qe5 19.Nb6+ Kc7 20.Qf2 Bd6? white indeed has a pretty win, after 20...Bxf5 (my main line) it looks like a black win to me. I'm only around 2000 fide so there may be something I overlooked but I can't see it. can you see a white win after 18.f4 Qe5 19.Nb6+ Kc7 20.Qf2 Bxf5?

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    Nice game!  tactical dream...you played a few moves that aren't at all obvious...Nice tactical motifs, well done.

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    Sorry to say that I made no analysis in this thread. The credits for the lines I posted in #2 should be given to GM Suat Atalik.


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