Post your Best Miniatures here Part 2


Due to the excessive length of the previous thread some people were probably thinking this is long over due so here is a new thread for you guys to post up.

A miniature is a game that has a maximum of 25 moves (I don't mind if you go one or two moves over as long as its in the spirit of a miniature) 


Beautiful miniature! 


My best miniature must be in this thread too:


30 moves or under right. Ok here is my best game under 30 moves.


Under 25 moves, okay I found one.


nice a Smothered Mate on Page 1


A quick win.


nice, I play that line against the two knights.

This game became a mess that I feel I finished very nicely.

  Hey jetfighter13! Long time, no ocean...... or whatever. Yeah, I stopped looking at the other thread because usually, by the time it loaded, I had to shave again!Wink

   After 1.d4 Nf6, 2.Nc3 is such a non-committal, non-descript move, it tends to throw some opponents off balance in quick games. Not this guy. He stuck to the kingside fianchetto in a bunch of blitz games, with some interesting results......

Same line, same opponent, but........


Here's a nice 13-move bullet win. I sac'ed several pawns in the opening, he took them and paid the price...


Several bullet games later, here's a fun mating attack:

Just inside the 25 limit!
12Knaves wrote:
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My thoughts:

1. d4 e6 2. c4 Qf6?! 3. Nf3 (d4 actually doesn't need more protection, but Nf3 followed by Bg5 is still a strong way to play against Black's weird 2... Qf6 move.) 3... b6 4. e4 Ba6 5. Nc3 Bb4 6. Bd3 Qg6? ( This is a lemon! It turns out that Black's queen is dangerously short on squares. 6... c5 was probably better, freezing the c4-pawn, which is potentially weak after Black plays ... Bxc3+.) 7. e5 Qxg2 8. Rg1 Bxc3+ 9. bxc3 Qh3 10. Rg3 Qh5 11. Rxg7? (Yes, Black is much worse now, but you should have thought about going after the Qh5. 11. Rg5 Qh6 (11... Qh3 12. Bf1 Qh6 13. Rf5 transposes) 12. Rf5 Qh3 (12... Qg6 13. Rf4 Qh5 14. Rh4) 13. Bf1 wins the queen.


[Event "Let's Play!"] [Site ""] [Date "7 jun. 2016"] [White "chessmarcvl"] [Black "cool4fam99"] [Result "1-0"] [WhiteElo "1423"] [BlackElo "1408"] [TimeControl "1 in 1 day"] [Termination "chessmarcvl won by checkmate"] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 d6 4. d3 Bg4 5. Nc3 Nd4 6. Nxe5 Bxd1 7. Bxf7+ Ke7 8. Nd5# 1-0 Sent from my Android