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Promote to knight with mate on move 17

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    Variation of a game I just played 1 | 0 on live.  I would've promoted to a knight, but I have it set to automatically make a queen Frown Won anyway.

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    I'm going to go with coolest mate ever.  Never seen this sort of situation outside of a puzzle

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    Awesome :)

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    Yes, like a book tactic. Nice for a live game.

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    You'll untick 'Always promote to queen' now and never need to underpromote again Smile

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    lol Kind of like everyone in New Jersey is going to get a generator now because of Sandy, and we'll never have something like that again...but that would be fine with me!

    That's neat, Neil! If it had only been a longer game maybe you could have changed your settings right then and there before promoting. Laughing

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    one more g6+ and i go for draw by rep.-----great game !

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    I only know something in 16 moves.

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    Nice checkmate!

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    Just evil Neil...just evil.  You really are our captain.


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