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Recovered From A Blunder

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    this is a game that I recently played, came back to win because of a timely sac and sharp play...tell me what you think

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    first off, 14. Nxf8.  Other than that, you got lucky that Black gave up 2 tempo for two pawns.  To be honest, that sac/mate was very nice, never woud have seen it myself.

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    Err, bad set of moves but good checkmate. You were lucky that Black was a very weak player.

  • #4

    yes i was

  • #5

    yeah, this game should have been over long before I ever got a chance at the finish....

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    thanks, tony, means alot coming from a NM, care for a game?

  • #7

    I believe 22... Qe5 would prevent the checkmate.

  • #8

    perhaps but 23...resign, will be the move after 23. Bxe5 :)

  • #9

    How would you have responded to 21...Nd4? Unless there's a continuation of the combination I'm not seeing, you end up up a queen for rook and bishop...still ahead but a lot of moves to be made.

  • #10

    Very Good. Never Would Have Seen That Sack. Good Mate.

  • #11

    Rxd4 and to my eyes the he must take with the queen to prevent mate...i take the queen...and i'm up I should win the game from here

  • #12

    That was a good set of moves in the end game.  The Black King was exposed and you took advantage from it.  Well played.

  • #13

    Well sure, you should win after Nd4, but you're only up a queen for a rook and bishop. The material advantage is far from overwhelming.

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    Nice Rook sacrifice at the end. In fact, that was just the move I was thinking of before I saw the ending.

    You should have been trying to force open the e-file to get at the King. As it was, you narowly escaped a losing game because of the King's running to the queenside. Always look for those retreats and cut them off!

  • #15
    ericbarber wrote:

    perhaps but 23...resign, will be the move after 23. Bxe5 :)

    The queen for a rook and a bishop is an advantage (slight), but I don't think it merits immediate resignation. 

    Don't get me wrong, it's a good sacrifice tactic and I enjoyed seeing it.


  • #16

    Great game, and well played I'd say.

  • #17

    Nice tactics! Goodgame, makes me want to go play one now...


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