Stuck in the Deadly Trap

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    Nice tactic to get the win.

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    KingBishop101 wrote:

    Nice tactic to get the win.

    Yes, thanks !Cool

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    David_Star wrote:

    Do you realise that you would be down a piece if black had just taken the knight and then gone ...g6? This rubbish reminds me of the backyard professor's videos.

    karate_gym wrote:

    Yeah he definitely got lucky. Black could have taken the knight and still had the advantage, instead he decided to be greedy and take both rooks at the expense of getting checkmated.

    He decided to be greedy since this is a game of lightning. He and perhaps you can't think too long, but you will soon be grabbing sweet bait that I have given. I say this as a deadly trap. You get caught, then you're dead right!

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    koolkidjacky wrote:


    What a delicious !

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    My Opponent has been tempted to eat the bait (poisonous knight) lethal, gg..Laughing

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    My opponent plan to attack my queen (Rh8), but instead he's stuck in checkmate position !Laughing

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    in post 10, 16...Re8...?

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    JMB2010 wrote:

    in post 10, 16...Re8...?

    which one?

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    16.. Rf8-e8, 17.Qh7 Kf8, 18.h5 ..

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    Then Ng8...

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    tecnoecuador wrote:

    16.. Rf8-e8, 17.Qh7 Kf8, 18.h5 ..

    Yes, he has made blunder with 16. ...f6

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    JMB2010 wrote:

    Then Ng8...

    nice option.

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    Nowadays if you aren't a GM at the age of 2...

    BTW I'm replying to the other topic because there the reply option got deactivated.

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