Taking lessons into account.


Hello again!


Second week at my local chess club this week. Really enjoyed it again. There was a match on so as well as playing a few friendly games i got to watch some proper long time control chess. Top stuff. Anyway, my games went ok: won three, lost four. Nay bad. However it was noticable that i was rather oblivious to certain threats that I should have noticed, and it only takes one bad move to undermine your previous ten. That will be for me to work on over the next few weeks :D


Anyway, I came home, got on here and played this game. I really liked it because of the ending, and although it's by no means perfect I'm just proud of it for the way i got my king into the action - something I am terrible at usually. I'm still very poor when it comes to endgames but that will be worked on soon enough. As always, thoughts and comments welcome.