Test post - but I do quite like the mate


So I am trying to start to analyse my games, and I realise that you should normally assess those games which you lose, however I like the mate in this one, and was learning how you post a game and comment on it.

Fire away!


white can obtain a safely better position with more central control with 2. cxd5

white really should have played 3. cxd5 to obtain more central control

black looks fine, if not equal, after 6... Be6

10... Nf6 holds everything together, although black is a bit worse after 11. Be6(with the plan of trading light squared bishops and establishing a knight on e6)

really, you shouldn't count on other people to blunder like that.  you should be building advantages instead of going for easy to defend attacks.

you can take advantage of black's f5 move not by attempting to mate them right away but noticing that it doesn't facilitate quick development and therefore that you can get a lead in development.  once you have better development, then you can start attempting to mate your opponent.


Cheers birdboy - 

So you'd expect:

3. c x d5 to be followed by 3... N x d5 then 4. e4 perhaps?

I am reading quite a lot of material at the moment, and feel my understanding of the game is improving.  I think I have a real issue with my patience though.  Sometimes I struggle to control it.


no, 3. cxd5 and then 3... Nxc3 is forced, 4. bxc3 Qxd5 Qc2 with the idea of either e4 or c4

if you play 2. cxd5, then on Nxd5 you play e4, on 2... Qxd5 you play Nc3


well done, it was quite well played :)