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the last resistence

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    hello long time ago that i dont be here, actually i dont was playing chess hehe, i back wanted to show a game that i just played, sure here are a lot of mistakes was just a blitz, but the insteresting thing in this game i has the same felt that a horror movie, i will title it "the last resistence" xD sorry for my bad english and here is the game:

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    Wow! Crazy game! Chess played beyond my comprehension.

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    We are sorry for your english too, peaceLaughing

  • #4

    Disgustingly enjoyable! :-D

  • #5

    Is this what people call a "fortress"?

  • #6

    that was so awesome to watch:)

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    What a cool endgame position.

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    How did this topic get "pinned"?

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    I don't think you are a genius for playing chess,

    but I DO think you are a genius for enjoying chess.

    This game is the most exciting I've seen, is like a cool movie!

  • #10

    move 25. QxR was better. But nice defence against black's queen in the end, really enjoyable game. 

  • #11

    The last resistance

    Good way to describe Carlsen's game today

  • #12
    Nusons wrote:

    move 25. QxR was better.

    ... BxQ

  • #13
    JamieKowalski wrote:
    Nusons wrote:

    move 25. QxR was better.

    ... BxQ

    Ou yea. Silly me.

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    Nice endgame position. Good to watch for beginners like me.


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