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Worth a look maybe

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    Well, I got my comeuppance today.  Was playing semi-slav (which don't claim to be an expert in) but sometimes it can have white so bamboozled and pinned in  that they just stare dumbstruck at the board for minutes on end and you don't have to do anything except watch their clock run down.  Here, on the last move, he literally has seven seconds left - I have seven minutes.  I see what he's doing with his little knight queen attack immediately, and have about 5 different viable options but then something distracts me and I somehow let him go ahead and do it.  He wins.  Sort of game that send you over the edge:

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    Right you are though on Ne4 at 20 in that first game.  But all he saw was "free queen" - that early in the game its hard to pass up.  But then he only came out 3 points up with me getting his 2 minor pieces in exchange.


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