1 move mate

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    Why'd you have to go and give away the answer like that? I've been studying this diagram for an hour...
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    Imagine what Black's last move had to be to get mated like this. Wink



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    Suicidal yes, but can you blame him? He was lonely, with no prospect of resurrecting his queen, his faithful guard and clergy gone, his castles removed from his power, and no pawns to make him sandwiches.

    What is left to live for.

    This is a sad sad puzzle...

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    Sad puzzle indeed, no man should have to make his own sandwiches....Cry
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    likesforests wrote:

    Imagine what Black's last move had to be to get mated like this.


     Well, imagine that white sacrificed a bishop the following way. It would ofcourse still be better for black to move away from the corner, but at least it is more understandable that black went into the corner:


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    ye white could have put a piece in the corner to lure black in but black would have to be pretty unexperienced to fall for it although he obviously couldn't win so he might as well have resigned. maybe he was a freak who believed that there's always hope even if you only have ur king or thought it was honourable to lose by someone elses move rather than resignUndecided
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    I wish chess.com had a puzzle section for kids. This would have been a good one!
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    A more logical mate in one is shown in the next diagram, but it remains too easy.

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