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3D chess programs?

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    In the light of the recent release of Call of Duty 17:  Battlefield Halo Unreal Deathmatch Tournament:  42 and the $1 trillion face-shooting gaming industry, I pondered that there must be decent 3D chess programs available now.

    Surely, in the arms race to create the most photo-realistic  3D simulation for shooting humans in the face with high-powered assault weapons, the technology has been advanced such that it is possible to render 32 pieces of various shapes and textures (plastic, wood, glass, etc) on a variety of boards, in a variety of rooms.  And surely this technology has been linked to standard chess program functionality (loading/editing PGN files, etc).

    However, a quick Google search never confirmed nor denied this thought.  The most promising program seemed to be an abandoned open source project in alpha?  Am I missing something?

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    Do you mean for regular chess or the 3-D variant(s) of chess?

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    Regular chess.  I'm just looking for software that has a good 3D board.  It looks like the options are Chessmaster and a bunch of open source projects? 

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    I guess you would like something like Pure Chess to be released for PC .. http://www.purechess.com/

    Best options afaik are still Chessmaster and Fritz.

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    Chess Titans! 8[

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    Chess Titans disappeared with windows 8 ..

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    why yould you want a 3d chess programm, to be honest i think in chess less is actually more.

    I personally wish they all only did 2d boards and invest the development time in something way cooler

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    I agree with TetsuoShima :-)

    Personally I've not yet found the ultimate interface.

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    Chessmaster XI has 3D if you happen to have a pair of those red/blue 3D glasses.  I don't have any but was thinking of trying to make some out of some plastic, cardboard, and red and blue markers since I can't seem to find any anywhere.

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    Doesn't chess.com have a 3D option?

    Or if you have a Sega Master System lying around, you could try Sega Chess, which has a 3D board.

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    Kasparov Simulator 3000: see what it's like to sit down and play Kasparov for the world championship. 

    A helmet or at least some goggles for a 3D simulated world chess championship tournament experience would be most appropriate. 

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    If you mean the 3D set here on chess.com, I prefer 2D versions.


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