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A Chessboard for the Blind

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    I recently came in contact with Mr. Peter Schwarz who is a product designer currently in the process of trying to design and built a better chessboard for blind and visually handicapped chess players- one that is easier to use and more non-visually ergomatic, if I can use such a phrase. 

    Today, I made a blog entry called Chessboard for the Blind (this is a hyperlink) in which I gave a brief explanation, supplied a link to Mr. Schwarz's blog and most importantly entreated readers who may have some words of encouragement, some ideas on how to proceed, or any relevant input to either post in in the comments or to message Mr. Schwarz or go to his blog site. (But don't comment here since all comments should be where he can find them.)

    Thanks in advance for any and all worthwhile contributions.

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    A friend of mine is blind and plays with a chessboard for the blind at my chess club.

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    bumpity bump bump

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