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abandoned game

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    i play 3 min games i got an important phone call  i took the call for few seconds still had almost half the game left over 1 min and you cancelled or said i abandoned game i didnt then want to warn me about fair play policy you are the unfair ones its a 3 min game  cant uh think or blink or talk without being punished whos unfair? what if i was just thinking for omg 30 seconds

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    Blitz is usually a fast paced game. The computer doesn't expect someone to take that long to think to make a move in a fast paced game. Therefore, the computer will think you abandoned the game. If you received an important message or call, like your's, the opponent would not know that. A solution that i would think of is telling your opponent that you have something important to do, and that you would be happy if he/she would accept a draw.

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    it's not really fair to other blitz players that you aren't available to play, even for unexpected situations.  chess.com has a tough balance, because a lot of people do disconnect deliberately and waste other people's time.

    Anyway, utlimately you should ensure you won't have distractions during a game or be willing to accept that you can lose some games because you do.

    Unless you want to file a ticket with Help & Support suggesting that they add an interface to your built-in microphone so that if you get a call you can say "Hang on a sec, I gotta get this call" and then the computer will realize you're not wasting the other player's time intentionally.

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    so if i had to think wher to move my queen for 45 seconds i abandoned game whta i was doing is irrelevent dont ya think draw offer only descent humans like youself would do that any way dont think  on your next move for to ling or you lose even if you still have half the time of game remaining its my 3 min to think talk get a drink whatever thats not chess you dont lose in game until time is over  PERIOD

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    I think there should at the least be some kind of indicator that there is a secondary "abandoned game clock" running, and it should show how much time you have to return to the game.

    This currently isn't the case, is it?

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    just resign and play another game after the phone call. 

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    i like the idea of time for abandoned game clock to show time left secondary clock and what happened to the clock used to be red when that clock was ticking (wasnt it) now they are both black makes it harder to see whose time is running and whos turn it is

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    I would have to agree for 3 min games... there shouldn't be a time limit.  3 min isn't a lot.


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