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Adjust volume

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    I have looked all over the site and can't find it but I'm trying to adjust the volume of pieces moving when you're playing?

    On some other sites it's super duper easy.

    What about chess. com????

    Is it also easy to adjust the volume here?

    Seems to be either off or on.


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    I adjust the piece move volume with the volume up/down keys on my MacBook's keypad.

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    I adjust the volume on my desktop or my IPad I play chess on.
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    I understand. This is very easy to do and something anyone does all day long.

    However to be able to match the chess. com volume to other system volume on your computer, I'm playing on a computer, would not only be GREAT but is also a logical thing to have as an option.

    I must say chess. com is quite underwhelming compared to other serious chess playing websites.

    And this is the largest one out there.

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    #4 +1
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    Yeah, it seems just absurd that this isn't an option. 

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    Yes it really is absurd.

    Just look at some other sites.

    Much less budget and they can still implement volume buttons in their product.

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    Please note that Chess.com policy does not permit explicit comparisons with our competitors in our own forums, so I have removed those specific references. 

    I have also moved this topic to Site Feedback & Suggestions, where it might be seen and considered: you could also use the Help --> Make A Suggestion, as that will also log the suggestion with our development team. 


    David, moderator


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