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Ha I don't think so- I ended up just muting the sound, although there is a chrome extension 'volume master' that allows you to turn down specific tabs, the only problem is you have to set it every time you open the page.  Maybe there is another extension that will save your volume preference, but I haven't found one yet.  I got so excited when I saw the notification to the reply on this thread haha @admin @developers @engineering please help


this is ridiculous


its pretty embarassing



Searched through settings, found only a toggle for sound on/off. A search engine brought me here.

Adjusting system or even browser volume is not good, as it effects other things that i'm listening to.

Please add a setting to adjust volume on the site. I want to hear some sound, but it's way too loud for me.


There is a chrome extension called 'Volume Master' that I've been using, although it only controls one tab- if you do a game review and it opens a new tab- the settings are forgot. Not a perfect solution, but it's clear is not going to address it.


Laughable that this issue still has not been address FIVE years after this was created. This is not a tough feature to implement, it could probably be accomplished in mere minutes.


On some computers, if you double click the top of the page you can mute a certain page, while other tabs keep playing sounds.


@Schornman You haven't understood the problem, it's not to mute the sound entirely(you can already do that by simply muting the chess sounds). It's when you want to listen to music for example while playing, but you also don't want to completely mute the sounds. 


I understood it, but when the problem is unsolvable its the next best option


Schornman wrote:

I understood it, but when the problem is unsolvable its the next best option

This forum is called site feedback. That's not where users look for advice.


Please implement this thumbup


The problem is that the sounds of is so *loud* so to get it to a normal level I have to lower my system volume a lot - which makes anything else inaudible.


  • Implement volume feature
  • Select a sound theme, where volume could be baked into the sound files themselves.
  • Just make the sounds less loud

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