Alien v Predator Chess Wallpaper

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    H/T to Mig at the Daily Dirt.

    Small pic below - a link to the full size wallpaper is here.

    Other pics from the series are here.

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    cool, it's really wicked Cool

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    White moves first.  Cheating aliens!

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    I'd go with the Alien. Just have a look at that brain!

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    interesting pic.. :)

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    Know why Alien is laughing in the pic?  He just said "What the hell are you."

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    Ugh. I wish white was moving first here.

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    shootfilm wrote:

    Ugh. I wish white was moving first here.

    Just imagine the Alien is setting his last pawn on the board and they are about to play. (honestly it bugs me too Undecided )

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    Very quickly Photoshopped so Alien is playing white.

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    It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That is freaking awesome.  It is now my desktop!!!

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    ciggies wrote:

    Very quickly Photoshopped so Alien is playing white.

    I am not a fan of photoshop, but this is one of my rare exceptions. Thanks. New wallpaper in place.

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    Any chance you can photoshop the h1 square to white?  Cry

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    (white didnt always go first...) i think the predator would kick the aliens butt!  predators have like space ships and lasers and cool harpoon guns and microfiber nets and retractable metal claws...whats the alien got going for him?  acid blood, yea that gonna help win a chess game!  its obvious that the predator is just toying with the alien...he wouldnt be playing a "serious" game with a stupid beast that eats people, its not sporting!  i think the predator is thinking the same thing we are...white goes first dumbass!

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    It is a cool one

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    Owing too my extremely limited Photoshop skills this is about the best I could manage. Was going to make an attempt on the logo but the carpet is far beyond my capabilities!


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    predator wins.

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    Imagine this sequence leading up to this move

    1. Nc3 d6
    2. Nb1 d7

    Now it makes sense. lol 

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