Am I too Positional?


wtf how did this thread get revived


I know right. The answer to the original question is obviously no.


There is absolutely no doubt that you are too positional.  Your FIDE rating >>> Puzzles rating.  This lack of balance is no doubt hindering your progress, and explains why your FIDE rating continues to stall (even more so when we take inflation of ratings into account).    

Think about it ... Capablanca had a performance rating over 2900 in a 1927 tournament shortly before his world championship match with Alekhine and was thought invincible.  Alekhine, who had an overwhelming minus against Capa at that time, asked the same question of Capa, and then self-reflected.  Perceptively, Alekhine realized that Capa's strength was, in fact, his weakness --that Capa was too positional-- and therefore Alekhine decided that he would not go down this pathway of being a one-hit wonder in the world championship, and made the decision to become less positional. 

This thunderbolt realization by Alekhine was the true critical moment of the 1927 World Championship that decided the match-- the actual moves of those games didn't matter-- and we all know what happened after that ... This is where Alekhine won that world championship match, and why Capablanca is but a footnote or, at best, an obscure trivia question, in the vast universe of chess history.