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analysis of a position

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    I would be interested to know how you would evalute this position- it's black to move- what candidate moves would you look at and how would you decide on your final move

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    Well, you cant allow Qxf7+, I see only Rf8, Re7 Qc7 or f6.

    f6 kinda sucks, you're gonna get killed on the light squares

    Re7 and Qc7 just looks awkward.

    Rf8, and white has to do something about Nd2, and the b pawn

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    so what would you do after Rf8 Qe4

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    hmm, or maybe 1 ...f5 is a better start

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    Qg6?, Ndf5 looks strong

    As for 1.f5 Ndxf5 what would your plan be 

    If you want some background this is an over the board game I was playing and in the game I played Qc7?- though I won the game my opponent had lots of chances to draw 

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    Black's probably better because he has more material, and he has a triple threat (attacking the knight, e3 and d2).  So if white can't keep threatening mate then there's not a lot for him to do.

    Can't really evaluate it without calculating lines.  If Rf8 Qe4 then g6 avoids the Nd5 tactic.  f6 and Re7 also defend against mate (although f6 runs into Qe4 again right?)  After calculating the tactics you'd find the best move... the move where white can't make anymore threats and you get to keep your material advantage.

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    Thanks for your comments wafflemaster, yes g6 is a good move in the first line. f6 does not run into Qe4 because whites knight is also hanging though as rooperi says the light squares are weak

    After Re7, I think ndf5 gives white chances to draw


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