Andrew Tate a Chess Champion?

PlayByDay wrote:
DrSpudnik skrev:
BigSell100 wrote:
Andrew Tate is the TOP G

Are you bottom B?

Pretty sure that position is filled by Tate now.

Also, what is it with these Alpha Mega-Omega Sigmas who are all about weaponizing self-improvement by making themselves outmost manly man with money and knowledge... while they use some kind of ghetto slang? Lemme guess, "Top G" is not "top gentleman" or "top gastroenterologist" but instead "top gangsta". Why do they try to have "side hustles" instead of side business or alternative income. Shouldn't improving and enriching your language be number one goal for self improvement? 

it must be top gynecologist. the sigma ligma males are about excess money through crypto and scams just like andrew tate did. lol i saw so many videos which were like "bro how did u get rich. hustler university 2.0" 
hustler university by andrew tate was the funniest biggest scam that only the most foolish people fell for. and most of his money was made through his cam business as well as other scams. from his kick boxing career he only made about 100k which isnt a lot compared to what he actually earn(ed)
also they certainly dont want knowledge because theyre close minded incredibly dumb people who will believe just about anything said with confidence, leaving no room for thought