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Annotated Sicilian Defense Alapin Variation Game

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    A recent annotated game were I play against a rated 1200 player and have a little bit of tactical luck. Comments, questions, and criticism are allowed.
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    Very nice

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    Excellent game, well annotated and a nice finish! Keep up the good work! The only advice I have for you is about the opening, I would play d5 or Nf6 on move 2. to ruin White's idea of a two pawn center, and since the pawn is on c3, the Knight cannot come out to attack the Queen once she recaptures the pawn on d5

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    Thanks for the advice Perplexing. Appreciate it.

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    I noticed in your annotations a transient evaluation of the position, which is common among amateurs, especially me. For example, you played Nbd7 on your sixth move to defend e5 further, but in the comment to your next move, you say that e5 is not a problem.


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