Any Successful Untitled Coaches out there?

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I would coach but there are a few things that will happen/might happen and I think it would probably also happen to you... 

1. coaching arguably makes your chess worse, therefore worsens your chances of becoming master. 

2. Some players may just disregard you because your a kid, and most of the times kids probably aren't that good at teaching.

3. In the end, life will catch up with you. You want to become a coach, but also study chess at the same time, it is possible but in the end probably you will become to busy to do one of them and you would have to give it up


Sorry, but this sounds like you just made it up on the spot in order to participate in the discussion. Firstly, How exactly does coaching make your playing worse? Secondly, Players who disregard him wouldn't pay him for coaching in the first place, so it's a non issue. Your last point is so absurd I won't qualify it with a response.


I would retaliate but I can't win an argument with someone with such a high iq like you


If only you said that to me....

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If only you said that to me....

XD I was being sarcastic, its a good thing I haven't said that to you, it means you are worth my typing tongue.png


I got certified as a coach here on! happy.png