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Anyone watching today's Carlsen game?

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    Here he is (Timman) analysing one of his games:


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    I saw some commentary on chessbomb about a naka fortress?  Ridiculous.  There's no such fortress.

    But I guess if Naka played on, he thought he saw something.  Only lasted 3 or 4 moves though then he finally resigned.

  • #23

    I'm interested in the line if Hou plays 47. Kc4, is that a trap by Anand?

  • #24

    It's rare that a 4 vs. 3 pawn end game is drawn. That g4-pawn stops two pawns at once and saves the day for Hou.

  • #25

    Hou Anand 1/2

  • #26

    Draw. Well done, Hou!

  • #27

    That was pretty exciting!

  • #28

    She's a point clear of L'Ami and 1.5 over Sokolov, although L'Ami is still playing.

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    Carlsen is just such a monster. To dominate Super GMs like this would have been unheard of ever since Kasparov's retirement. I get that match play is not the same as tournament play, but when you are this good at chess... it gets hard to lose to anyone lol. But if Magnus won, why is his rating still 2870? I thought it was 2870 yesterday...

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    Carlsen drew against Hao today, Elubas.

  • #31

    Oh, ok. I thought Carlsen beat Naka lol.

  • #32

    If he gets to challenge Anand his age will factor in too.  Carlen can draw these games out and wait for a small mistake.  Meanwhile Carlsen has the stamina to play many error free moves.  Not that his chess is poor... but Anand will be facing a double threat.  The kid's good, and half his age.

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    Yeah, I could see Anand eventually getting that sort of blindness like he did against Michael Adams if Magnus draws every game out as he always does.

  • #34

    This Leko-van Wely game is really interesting! 

  • #35

    Carlsen's "out-of-book" strategy, stronger end-game skills, and willingness to challenge the GM dogma of accepting draws early, will all test Anand's nerve. We all want to see that clash...

  • #36

    I think carlsen's positional understanding is good as houdini 3.0s tactical ability


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