Are Chess Players Outsiders?


I have an interesting story about this.

In January last year I quit my job and started playing poker with an NM friend. We started looking for more people to form a team - a curiosity is that everyone had to wear an akatsuki ring -. In the end, all the team members played chess.


I personally think example is really important.If the coolest person in your school played chess then you being a chessical genius would make youkind of "cool"But many people still have the belief that chess is only for smart people and they never try it out

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I don’t think there’s a accurate answer for this question......

@hoodothere said that they don’t want to do things for people so they play chess and said that we should find things we like to do. But I think people who play chess ARE doing what they like, and that’s not a negative idea at all. The chessboard really helps you to understand a lot of things if you really want to learn. 

@ All those people above 

You all said that playing chess makes it difficult for you to gain a foothold in society. This is nonsense. Don't make excuses for your poor social skills and competitiveness. On the contrary, playing chess can also help you gain a foothold in society. Just give an example: you have the opportunity to be a professional chess player; you can use your flexible brain...

My answer for the question: No, only those with a brains that can’t figure out what chess can give them will turn themselves into outsiders (I mean all type of people, not only those chess players)

Maybe chess is a way out for those people who don´t fit in traditional jobs. Simply because they could not find other things that fit their interests.

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Ha thx, that’s what I mean lol

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