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Assessment of this position?

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    This ISN'T an ongoing game. In this position, Black has an extra two pawns but they are tripled, isolated ones. In addition, White seems to have all the entry points for the rook covered. Can Black aim to win this?
    My personal opinion is that he should try and open up some kingside lines and then maybe Rg2 ideas might be dangerous, although it is still not certain if Black can make anything of his c pawns in an ending.
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    I guess no-one here is good enough to find anything in this position Innocent

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    What about the plan of transferring the Rook to b4? Can White take it with his Bishop? That allows ... cxb4 driving away the Knight, followed by ... Nc5. Can White stop that Pawn avalanche? Even if he can, Black would still have Bishop and two (three?) Pawns for a Rook.

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    maybe .....Nf6

     if Bxc5...Ng4+ followed by Re1# or Nxh2+ 

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    Runners-High wrote:

    maybe .....Nf6

     if Bxc5...Ng4+ followed by Re1# or Nxh2+ 

    What if White just replies h3 instead?

    I like my idea better, because it can't be ignored... when the Rook reaches b4, it blocks White's Bishop from attacking c5, so if White refuses to take the Rook, Black could follow up with Nb6 triply-attacking the a-Pawn.

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    my idea doesn't work because of Kg1 after Ng4+ anyways

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    nf6 if bxc5 ng4 if white plays h3 instead ne4 nxe4 bxe4 any good


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