As of today, 22nd October, 2008, Awardchess is currently engaged in some 1,083 games on  Is the man a budding chess Einstein ?  Or simply a guy who likes to pile up a crazy number of games, in order to embellish his chess c.v. ?

Back in 21st July, 2008, the tourney, Les Jeux de la Francophonie, got under way, with Canadian TD, Waldhari. It had a modest pool of 8 players - myself included - and it was a 1 move in 7 days format.

As of today, 22nd October, 2008, Les Jeux de la Francophonie is still stuck in limbo, with four matches unfinished - 2 against me.  The person involved in all 4 unfinished matches and holding up the event, by  dint of constant vacation ?  Why, none other than Awardchess.

Quo vadis, then, Awardchess, with your 1,083 Games ?


I think there may be mitigating circumstances this time!


If he were an attention seeker he'd be constantly posting in extra-large "hey-look-at-me" fonts. So, there ya go.


Do tell, Evil Homer !  I know that there are statistics, statistics, and damned lies, but, all the same, to run up a tally of 1,083 games is somewhat of the mind-boggling dimension. It seems to me that, whatever mitigating circumstances there may have been, those have been swept aside by a continuous and deliberate pursuit of more and more games.  But the bottom line remains : that a tourney has been left in limbo, because a player is not honouring his commitment to it, once he has entered it.  And just look at the time scale involved.


He's always had a lot of games on the go, but I think he was made redundant or some such and in the good ol' USof A it's not the cushy social welfare state we have over here. 

Hence panic stations and no chess.

That's my understanding anyhows.


Well, EH, if he had unemployment problems, then, obviously, I feel sorry for him.  However, I had noticed he has still been playing games - but not of the Jeux de la Francophonie kind. For example, on 21st October, he played and completed at least 10 games.


My only problem with that would be not being able to go on  vacation! Imagine! It says it cant be youre move when you put vacation setting on. It would be his move ALL the time! how frustrating!


Looking at the tourney, which is a 7 dayer, which would you start to move in first when you came back, the one dayers, the 3 dayers, the 5 dayers, the 7 dayers etc.

I think he has started to move in other games now, so that tourney will move soon too and as long as it is within the timeframe laid out in the rules, than it should be no problem.


I do not see any problems with me at this forum, except the angry author of that forum!

I play by the Rules of!

 I organized a ton of new Tournaments, where a few hundred players are involved, beside me.

I use Vacation, as any other Premium Members! Read the Rules!..

 And I was Laid Off two times and Relocated three times for last 5 months!

 I see that Forum as a personal attack on me!

 Play Chess!

And do not command to me how many games I have to play! 

This is an arrogant bold violation at the site!

I managed my games!



Thank you very much for the understanding and support!

 God bless you!



We understand that you play by the rules of the site.  BUT, you tend not to play by the unwritten rules of decency.  For example, you have joined my "Active Players Only" tournament.  In the tournament description (let alone the title of the tournament), i've asked people to join that play relatively quickly.  you joined it, just like you join every single tournament on this site.  Now there are 10 games left to go in it, and you're in all 10 games.  yes, you are playing by the rules of the site, but you ignored my request for quick play and have caused my tournament to turn into a boring, drawn out affair.  Not only do you not play relatively quickly, you play as slow as possible.  poor form.

This is not a personal attack on you, and it is not a violation of the site (even though you will claim that it is).  I am simply explaining why people sometimes get frustrated with you.  My tournament is exhibit A of this explanation. 


There appears to be no rule on this site against being inconsiderate of others. Smile


Honestly I don't understand all this hatred against AWARDCHESS.

Yes, maybe he slows down tournaments in which he plays, but then don't you have other games to play in the meanwhile? And don't forget that he hasn't got unlimited vacation time.

Regarding the "Active Players Only" tournament, yes, maybe he hasn't been a true gentleman in joining it, but on the other hand you could have enforced the registration to only players with a certain maximum time per move attribute.

To summarize, take it easy, guys! I think we should be here to learn, not to quickly win tournaments!

P.s. I'm currently playing a couple of games against him myself, without any problem.




I'm not extending any hatred towards him.  Also, i did limit the tournament to people that make moves in under 6 hours, but he falls into this category, so he was able to join.  I could have put it to under 3 hours per move, but i feel like that restricts some fast players that have just a little over 3 hours per move.  So that is why i named the tournament what i named it and i put the request for "relatively quickly" in the tournament description. 


Another genuis invented another topic to have a public lynching of an instatution!



Join me! Joy!


Great publicty for free, thank's to the genius above, a true Paddy!


some people are so insecure of themselves that they need to take their personal complaints in forums.  Just pretend to understand them and smile in their general direction while subtly telling them that this is not the right place to make such comments.  One should try to advise such people, in the most  polite manner, that "messages" are very effective in addressing individuals :)


In my opinion, the most impressive thing about AWARDCHESS is not that he has close to 1000 games going at once, which he does. No, I am most impressed at the fact that AWARDCHESS has 1 timeout in 2776 completed games. O_O

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