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Back-rank combination by Capablanca

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    Back-rank combination demonstrated by Capablanca

    Please click here

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    What do you want? A link to such a game? 

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    capa never got to that level, shame.

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    if you click the link, you can go to the Capablanca's game in which he demostrated the back rank combination

  • #5

    Antonreiser, Without seeing anything what you are talking about, even in the book of GM , the same example given of Capablca's game. Moreover it's not beginner that oh you mate on last rank... its combination resulted due to back rank mate threat and you are something.

    Before making any comment please read, without knowing anything don't speak anything

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    Nice,thanks for posting such a nice blog which gives us an opportunity to see masterpieces of great chess players.

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    Thanks Mishrashubham

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    Sorry, didn't see your link.

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    Sorry Ashvin..i was joking...just so..

  • #10

    Antonreier, It's ok. and Sorry if I hurt you.. Take care

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    Bobby 'please click here' in blue font... click on that


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