Back to playing chess after being away for 15 months, need advice


I haven't played chess in 15 months (last time I logged onto before today) What do you guys/gals think I should do to get back into the game?


1. Start with your basic endgame positions and figure out the fastest way to get mate using minimal forces.

2. Play what I call "seek and destroy" where you set up 5-8 pawns in a particular sequence and the piece you are using is the only piece to move, capturing a pawn every move until all pawns are gone.

3. Play against as many different outlets as you can for chess (online, OTB, coffeehouse etc. and play timed games under 10 minutes. You will make mistakes and lose games at first but will find that tactics you used to know will come back to you.

4. Determine what type of player you are and find openings that fit that style.

5. Find books to help you get back into form. One author I hear little about but is very good at explaining concepts is Yassir Seirawain. His book series from Microsoft Press is very good.

6. Play better players consistantly and have them analyze your games, especially losses. they may see things you overlooked.

I hope all this helps and welcome back.


i have come to realize that i am a marginal player.  with that said: protect your king and focus your forces on the enemy king thats the best i can do


Thanks vengence, good advice.


Just start playing again.  After a few weeks, it should become apparent which areas you need most work on.