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bad habbit with online corespondance chess?

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    ok so im gona get a load of online games nd i was thinkin cos im not goin to use the openin database or nything im just gona play like im playin a propa serius game at me local club... so ssay i get a batch of like 20 games rite then dats finished then i analyse it n stuff but what happens:

    i play my repertoier nd get like 5-6 same openins nd i make the same mistake in all of thos games but i only realise it in the end when ive finished me games nd im analysin it...


    my question is: isnt it a bad habbit to do that because my mistaek is ingraimed in my head... or shud i just get 1 game at  a time but then i need more experience rite so i dunno what do do.... pls help

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    All you can expect to do is go over your games, figure out why you lost and then don't do that again in the future.

    The games must have various differences, even in the same opening. See where they diverge and what went wrong. That's the chess learning process.

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    I can't read that...

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    I'm old school. I played by postcard back in the 80s and 90s. With postal transit time several days, or even weeks you have time to look at games when not on the move. With online chess now, transmission is instant. So, don't play too many games and take your time! I see so many people with hundreds of games going. Online chess is at least 6 times faster. so 20 games is about equal to 120 games at the postcard pace. This means you don'tp lay your best chess unless you have plenty of time on your hands.

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    i play at least 100 online chess games at a time


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