Become a G.M. past your thirties?


Become a G.M. past your teen-age or your twenties?

Is it possible for one to attain the level of G.M. once he’s reached a certain age, by this I mean are there any proofs for that, any known celebrities in the Chess world who reached the level of G.M. or even higher starting to play as an adult. If there's an age-limit what is it? Thank You for your time answering this, it’s really appreciated! : /


blackburne learnt to play at 18, and was one of the strongest players of his time.
Becoming a master is entirely possible, GM, not so much unless you put almost ALL your free time into chess which no one has the motivation to do. And if you did you would only be 2500 max, you wouldnt become top 100 

streetfighter wrote:

The Scottish player John Shaw was rated about 1700 at age 19. He then worked very hard at his chess and finally became a GM (2500) at age 37. It can be done!

That is really inspiring, thanks for sharing!


Just a few weeks ago, Kenny Solomons became South Africa's 1st GM, at age 32. He started playing at age 13.


It is possible but even the exceptions that people can find are players who were close to 2000 level by the time they were 20, and they worked like dogs for years. 

Realistically, if you're a class player past age 20, you're not going to become a GM. 

But perhaps more to the point, if you're a class player consider setting realistic achievable goals -- go up one solid class at a time, with maybe a 10 year goal of becoming an NM. Those goals are a lot more attainable and there's some precident for hard work alone being able to get you at least some distance down that path.