Being reported for no reason



I'm going to report you for reporting him for reporting.

Xzibit heard you liked reports, so he wrote a book report about this topic reporting reporters and gave it to news reports to report on.


I'm sorry i just don't understandwink.png


If you say a word over and over (like, say "report" continually for 2 or 3 minutes without stopping) it starts to sound strange to you and loses its meaning.


Look, I can't tell right now if reporting is the right stuff in this occasion.

But if a challenge 1-12 has been issued, it consists that less than 12 players can play.

But it is a matter of common courtesy a bona fides that 12 players are going to be attempted to be assembled. If you are accepting such match with only 3 players, that means 2 things:


1) You are not planning to see the other 9 players from the other team. Which leaves bed taste, to be frank.

2) You are denying the other team to have a real match with some other serious team.


Your action was in grey zone, buddy, but I wouldn't react the same way you have experienced. Not the first time.

Good day



okay thanks for the feedback i won't do that again

RonaldJosephCote wrote:

  The "my friend is a Staff member"  will NEVER work.  All staff people act very professionally. I have yet to see any of them cross the line of friendship, and it would be very insulting to ask them to act based on friendship.

Also: Titanic was an unsinkable ship.


I've heard both sides of the story.  My impression is that initially there was a misunderstanding that was poorly handled, resulting in conflict, and that so far neither side has done anything that would lead to a ban.  If you can't resolve it peaceably, the best solution is to block each other, ignore each other's team match challenges in future, and move on.  There are plenty of other clubs to play team matches against.

This kind of issue is also better addressed in private by communicating with each other or with staff, rather than in the forums.  That said, I do appreciate you not naming the person or his club.

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