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Best iPhone Chess Apps?

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    Here is the current list of the most popular chess apps for android and IOS. Hope you will find it interesting! Wink

    1) Mobialia Chess Free v4.3.2  This is easily one of the best chess programs on android for online chess matches. It connects to FICS, ICC and JaqueMate.org, offers a variety of chess puzzles and a strong engine to play against.Please check the link >>> Mobialia chess<<<           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QJFMlQmx4g

    2) Yafi (Fics)  It connects to FICS servers and offers a simple GUI anyone can enjoy

    3) Chessfriends.com  (Online Chess app http://www.chessfriends.com/mobile)

    4) World Chess Network 4  Cool supper cool app  (Tokyo Server)

    5) Chess.com (Chessboard) - that's the only thing iPad is good for, at least for me. Playing chess on a tablet with this app is almost like the real thing, if not better:-) check it out.>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAJMlnVp_ww

    6) Playchess.com, Chess at ICC, Live Chess, ChessPro, Chess-Wise Pro , tallchess.com Blah Blah!

    7) World Chess Championship free app.Laughing

    8) RedHotPawn, Pure Chess, Chesspresso. 

    if you have any suggestions Please feel free to update list. THANK YOU  Laughing

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    Personally I use ChessByPost for correspondence chess.

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    I think Tactic Trainer from CoreGames should be on that list.  That would be in my list of top 2 or 3 apps.  The puzzle volume and quality is unmatched.

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    dtrossen wrote:

    I think Tactic Trainer from CoreGames should be on that list.  That would be in my list of top 2 or 3 apps.  The puzzle volume and quality is unmatched.

    Mine, too.

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    Chess News is another kind of Chess apps for iPhone. It's not about playing chess(there is so much chess playing apps in the market!), but reading international chess news. There's also a module to calculate your performance and rating during tournaments.

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    SmallFish is the best.

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    Wanted some new challenge in CHESS?? try this game "Chess Battle Quest"


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    You might be interested in Chessmobi. It contains tactical training material curated by an IM and a FM. The free version on the AppStore includes free samples for each available volume. At the moment it comes with 3 volumes: two tactics collections and one "play like the GM" game collection. Additional volumes are in the working.

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    I would say the 'Play Magnus' app, for android and ios! Its really good where you can play against Magnus from 5 - 24 yrs old! - JonC202

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    Yeah. I strongly recommend Stockfish, SmallFish and SmallChess!

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    The best chess app doesn't exist. It would be socially driven. Basically, a Whatsapp style chat where you can easily share games (by pasting PGNs), commenting and suggesting moves. Chess.com should have it, perhaps revamping their app to allow this. 

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    This is a stupid idea.

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    I have only been playing for seven months. Before that I barely knew how the pieces moved. But I think I'm improving at a steady rate so maybe I can throw in my two cents. Playing CC, chess.com of course. Analyze This is used by millions of players and is easy to use. For tactics I like using Perfect Chess Trainer, but there are others just as good. Good Luck!

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    For opening play: 



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