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Best rivalry ever?

  • #21

    In the media, for the latest 100 years, there were no other than

    KARPOV x KASPAROV, (0-1)

    ask anyone who doesn't know minus zero of chess, they would remember seeing that mach on the news.

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    Hard to beat Kasparov vs Karpov. Two of the greatest players ever, facing each other in 144 match games in a period of only six years, with dramatic final games like in 1987 and controversies like in the first match.

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    salatoy wrote:
    idreesarif wrote:

    Kasparov-Karpov ....

    That was a good game.

    good game ???????

  • #24

    Soon to be Nakamura VS Carlsen for World Chess Championship title in 2015!!!


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