best strategy book?


hello ppl, im looking for what is the best book on chess straregy,1's in the catagory of how to reasses your chess and modern chess strategy. im fairly new to the level were i dont mak tactical mistake and i stuggling with my planning a bit. alot of time right out of the opening and in closed positions i find it hard to figure what my plan should be. i almost half way through the amatuars mind im enjoying it.but once i get done with that i want a most advances strategy book 1 that covers positional elements and planning here are the books that im looking at

how to reasses you chess(but i'd like to know some other ways of planning besides imbalances. any books that talk about how GMs plan?)-silman

modern chess strategy(can read but not a fan of descriptive notations) -pachman

secrets of modern chess strategy-watson

my system-nimzo

any other recommendation?

anybody got experience with these books to share and especially silmans im leaning towards that 1 but i find theres alot of good and bad you here about silman. but im more intrested if his imbalance thinking technique is good or not do GMs plan that way? or are there alot better ways to evaluate and come up with a plan and if so what books do i find them in?




anything usefull


Play like a grandmaster by Kotov is almost perfect  think.


you must master openings you play and know strategy behind them. For example, when I play queens pawn opening I have elo performance of 2700 where as if i were to play E4 opening I would have an elo of 1500.


I like "The art of the middlegame in chess" by Kotov and Keres. Someone reviewed it here.


Best is Pachman (in 3 volumes, if you can find the long version).

Don't try Watson or Nimzovich unless you're pretty advanced.

Also Pawn Structure Chess by Andy (no relation) Soltis is very good.  As is Simple Chess by Michael Stean.


Best book for whom?

Good books for strong players, are not good for weaker players.

My self (OTB rating <1500) is reading the Amateurs Mind by Silman, which is a easier book to understand, than his other book "How to reassess your chess" which is aimed at stronger players.


Revolutionize Your Chess by Viktor Moskalenko.


santov i looked over some of play like a grandmaster and it might be what im looking for. its got sections on positional evaluation and planning and its by a successful player who's used his ideas in top level play, instead of silman whos books are popular but the whole imbalance system is questionable as we dont know any top level players that use it, and silman himself is not by any means top level(he's not even a top IM). that being said i like silmans amatuars mind and have nothing agianst him like alot of ppl.

but does anyone have any experirence with play like a grandmaster vs HTRYC? and i have heard good about pachmans work how would you recommend them compared to those 2?


I liked How to Reassess Your Chess by Silman and The Middlegame by Euwe. But I still have a few books on the subject that i havent readen yet.


True, Pachman's 3-volume monumental book is still available only in descriptive notation. But it's equally true that there is no other book like this one.

Chess publishers should settle for an algebraic edition of this all-time classic instead of printing garbage.


Btw Think Like a Grandmaster (the original in the series) is much better than Play Like a Grandmaster.


well those books arent even on the same subject so you cant really compare




1s on thinking technique and the others on positional play and plannng with a smaller part of it being on thinking

AndyClifton wrote:

Btw Think Like a Grandmaster (the original in the series) is much better than Play Like a Grandmaster.

 what about Train Like a Grandmaster is that any good too ?


Nah, I only liked the first one...before he started trying to turn it into a franchise (and they all seem to be on the same subject to me). Wink


andy have you read them both?


Yep, sure have (in fact, I read Train as well). Smile  Also The Art of the Middle Game and The Soviet School of Chess...shucks, I'm a veritable Kotovopedia (or something like that).