Black pieces in chess have nothing to do with racism. Stop the nonsense


Keep hope alive!


How does swiching colours remove racism?

If white moving first is racism, then black moving first is also racism.

What is to be done?

Have all pieces be white/black/non-racist colour and have a symbol for each side?

Now that just sounds plain stupid to me.




I have a set with Red and Blue pieces......which color should move first?


well red blue and green make white so certainly you shouldn't move at all

White doesn’t move first. A person playing with white pieces makes the first move. The person may be of any color.

Not just an albino!


Chess does contribute to global warming by destroying trees.


This whole world needs to get a grip stop all the stupidity & nonsense. In other words grow the xxxx up


Thank goodness  someone finally  sees it's  not racism. It  isn't racist. 


Actually, white going first was a relatively recent development in the history of chess. Up until the mid 1800s players would choose an color and then randomly decide which would go first. Openings had to be memorized both as we would know them as a mirror image. So a sicillian would start 1. - e5 2. c4 ... Furthermore, even Magnus, had you bothered to read his statement, said that it wasn't commentary on the game itself but a symbolic gesture to raise awareness and to make us question our basest assumptions (see: the people that quite wrongly assumed that one color of pieces always went first rather than choosing at random). For a few days, we got to see things the way the chess players of yore saw them half of the time and were given a chance to bring the terrible injustices that racial prejudice produced when combined with power. And that many of us even have wrongful assumptions that we don't even know about and yet act on every day!


"Both sides in chess are equal" 

Why does stockfish say white is +0.16 in the beginning?


Because Stockfish is racist!