Blindfold chess as training ?


I have read in a book that you can do the following to improve your visualization by the following way:

Open a game in any pgn viewer you like, look at the notations and try to imagine the moves. Go as far as you can. If you lose the position in your mind go to that move in your viewer and continue from there. Possibly you will be able to imagine more and more moves or the whole game eventually.

What do you think about this? Do you think it could be useful in any way?


It's possible but requires a lot of practice and patience. It's better to visualize the chessboard in your mind.

Step one: Visualize the chessboard with the chess pieces in their starting positions.


It doesn't seem as if there's any way to check you understood any of it. Now, if you were playing a friend blindfold or solving a blind puzzle you'd actually have to think and solve it.


Sounds good but just visualizing moves in itself won't be helpful unless you can validate a chess position 6 or 7 moves down the" road " that is tactically and positionally Sound. Kasparov said it best  " It does not matter how far ahead you can see, If you do not Understand what you  are looking At" !! But for just being able to play a blindfold game, sounds like a really good training method. Cool


I thought it helps somehow in normal chess