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And what do you think about chess is can be a profitable, but it depends on what "profitable" do you want??

old_school_dad wrote:
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old_school_dad wrote:

Are you high? Minimum wage in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA is over half a mil per year.

Not when those leagues first started.  I understand that when the NBCA (National Blitz Chess Association) is first established it won't have salaries compared to already established sports leagues.  However, over time, and as fan interests grow, the league will become more profitable and as such, the salaries of the players will grow season by season. 

Believe me. I'm all for chess going mainstream. But there's no way it ever catches on like that in 'Murica.

I imagine that one day there will be sports bars full of people wearing Vishy Anand jerseys. 

Lucky_Pawns wrote:

And what do you think about chess is can be a profitable, but it depends on what "profitable" do you want??

I want NBCA to generate revenues in the billions each year. 


go on Vlad ya good thing!


How about hyper blitz chess? The one who pounds the clock the hardest and fastest wins.

Cool. I’ll bring weights.

Oh, I forgot that you need to use your own chess pieces to punch the clock


I am a bit late on this. However, I have completed my analysis of the 2018 World Chess Championship, which proved that Classical Chess is dead.  Although, the Classical Chess matches were close, Carlsen dominated the speed Chess portion.  This overwhelming proves that Carlsen is the superior chess player.

It goes without saying that Classical Chess matches of the future will be long and drawn out snooze festivals.  Players with ratings over 2800 can easily find a draw in almost every match.  The risk-taking, gun slinging Chessist is dead. 

Now and more than ever, we need to promote Blitz Chess as the premier Chessing competition before our sport vanishes altogether. 



The internet in a few more years will fix chess for us, it will start with all titled players abandoning long time control OTB prize tournaments in favor of online blitz, rapid, and bullet prize tournaments, then amateur tournaments of the same kind will follow in a large scale.  There will also be a new system to award chess titles. 


RIP Classical 

Check it, chess isn't a sport. It's a board game. A fun board game, but a board game nonetheless.

Blitz is too fast for commentators and host to follow. Active chess control is the future of chess. Audience enjoy any game or sports with lively host and guests. WWE style commentary would boost chess TV ratings.