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Boris Gelfand

  • #1

    Did anyone notice him looking through paperwork yesterday whilst sitting at the table alone and then when he realised someone was looking over his shoulder he put it away very quickly.

  • #2

    No, I didn't see that. Why, what do you think it means?

  • #3

    It means he's writing Harry Potter fan fiction and doesn't want anyone to see.

  • #4

    Either secret opening prep, or it was a grocery list, and he didn't want anyone to see that he had Snicker bars on the list.

  • #5

    I thought at first he was fingering beads but he was definitely flicking through paperwork, then when one of the players on the other table stopped to look at his table but from behind him he became aware of this and quickly put the paperwork away. It was near the end when he was obviously struggling. I am sure he wasn't cheating but just wondered if anyone else saw this and what their take on it was.

  • #6

    Q=9,  R=5, B=3, N=3, P=1

  • #7

    Since all of these GMs are under constant video and audience view in the playing area, and since it was an endgame situation, it is rather dubious that he could have been reading anything of use in a particular position during play.  Motivational reminders, perhaps?


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