I don't understand the arguments supporting the OP's opinion here. If bullet takes more skill, why do you have a higher bullet rating? Or to put it the other way, if blitz is so easy, why do you suck at it (comparitively)?


How did this troll thread get so long?

Sally_Ubatz wrote:

No I cannot.  These people need to toughen up.  It's the 21st century, brohans.  Things are speeding up.  Ever seen the "Real World" or "Jersey Shore" on MTV?  Those are the kinda people that can deal with the modern new age, bro. 

And I hear "DJ Pauly D" is a bullet chess masta.


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Wow.  Surprisingly no more witty comments from skipz.  Maybe his mommy took away his internet.


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"Blitz Chess is like asking for no pickles and you still get pickles!" - Garry Kasparov


Definetly bullet does not take more skills than OTB or longer time control, and bullet is not chess. But I find there are people who are simply against bullet  because they suck at playing bullet.


Bullet chess takes a lot of skill but it is a different kind of skill than skill for playing a slower time limit.


"Marijuana slows down time so blitz chess becomes standard" - Robert Fischer


I know the topic is a trolling one, but I'll address it anyway. I recognize that bullet is a nice skill to have; however, it's much easier to move up the ladder than in OTB chess.

For example, I have been playing bullet regularly for months -- a few months ago, I was happy to get to 1700; now I'm 1900. Do you really think I actually learned that much chess in those months to make such a huge jump? Or did I just get a better feel for how to adjust to the special pace of bullet? Probably the latter.

You will, definitely, benefit from being good at OTB chess, though, since your pattern recognition will make it more likely for you to intuitively find the moves. Nonetheless, an amateur will have a much easier time getting an upset against a GM in bullet than in a tournament game -- we all know this. There will be some cases where speed is more important than precision, and there will be more random blunders made that wouldn't normally be made.


If my bullet rating was 2300 and my blitz was only 1900 i would probably make the opposite conclusion.
"you have to react and anticipate different moves in a matter of milliseconds" Yes, but react and anticipate moves which have only milliseconds of thought behind them.

The advantages and disadvantages are still equal.

Snakesbelly2 wrote:

When you can play bullet well, you can play slow also. Not the other way around.

Actually, the other way around is the only thing that's true Laughing

Of course, if you are a strong OTB player and are not used to bullet, you will need to adjust. But if you figure out a way to condense what you know into fast moves (and also, learn some premoving technique Smile), you'll do just fine.

Getting better at bullet is merely getting better at regurgitating concepts you already know (such as seeing a classic mate quickly). It will not teach you something that you don't know because that would require discovery, which would require serious thought, which would require losing on time.


I thought bullet chess is little more than a video game but maybe I am thinking of just 1 0.


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Although you do often play for time, it is a skill to be able to play quickly without constantly hanging pieces. If you make too many blunders like that, something easy to do when playing quickly, you won't win bullet games no matter how fast you play. The only possible exception is when both sides are down to 2 or less seconds; in that case, a well timed unsound sacrifice of the rook might be shocking enough to cause a hesitation that makes him run out of time.

coneheadzombie wrote:

bullet chess is a stupid douche-sucking kind of chess.


Bullet chess are fantastic entertainer in the chess era. But OTB is the one which develops your bullet skills. Time and thinking both are inversely proportional to each other so in order to be more efficient both should be at optimum point i.e giving too much of time for thinking and giving no time to think are basless. 

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Wow.  Surprisingly no more witty comments from skipz.  Maybe his mommy took away his internet.

maybe your inability to recognise that people have busy lives, proves that you should see some sunlight.

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How did this troll thread get so long?

You're actually the smartest person who has replied to this thread. Thankyou


kinda suprised this got to 150, probs from all the kiddos getting mad