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Call of Duty and Chess

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    So I know I need to spend more time studying/playing chess and less time playing CoD, but I've found myself using chess strategies in multiplayer and nazi zombies and playing really, really good lol.






    I mean, I'm actually thinking chess principles while playing ... " gonna grab some more space and squeeze 'em"', "need to develop before attacking - Yo! Wetfart12, head under the bridge and I'll napalm up top. Set your claymores down and get ready to pick them off", "pieces are pointing kingside and he hung his bishop - uh, yeah, I haven't really been able to correlate that strategy to CoD yet". :)






    Any other gamers think chess while playing or am I super special? Oh, and I'm looking for players to try for level 50 on DerRiese ... I love killing me some nazi zombies!

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    Some defence strategies borrowed from chess in this game. Played a trailer yesterday, pretty decent.

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    I opened with the French against the Nazi zombie dogs and won.

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    What a nerd

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    French defense against nazi zombies is solid, but the crawlers are a weakness in Kino. I would go KIA to avoid crawler complications.

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    Yep, got the trophy to show it too...

    mattyf9 wrote:

    What a nerd


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