Can you force mate with just two bishops


Yes you can. it will probably be in a lot of books on checkmates

We can force checkmate with two bishops and a king
Martin_Stahl wrote:
lfPatriotGames wrote:

I agree with mattm. The answer is no. You cannot force checkmate with just two bishops. It always requires assistance from some other piece, either yours or the opponents.


Mate can be forced with two bishops (not of the same color). If you don't know how to do it, it will either take more than 50 moves, the position will repeat three times, or you'll get lucky.

No, it cannot. It doesn't matter if the two bishops are on the same color or not. It cannot be done without the assistance of some other piece. Normally endgame question assume the king is included (like KNB vs. K) etc. But this question specifically said "just" two bishops. Just two rooks, yes it can be done, just two queens, yes it can be done. But just two bishops, no, it cannot be done. 

As matt said, maybe the question was asked wondering if its possible if the king is otherwise doing something else very important. Even the addition of a single opponents piece could make the two bishop mate possible without assistance from the king.


no. not when the two bishops are of the same color. and for that matter ? u couldn't do it with all nine of the same color.



Well, obviously...