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Carlsen and Nakamura slingin' everything at each other AGAIN

  • #1

    Carlsens very strategic and positional right? Like Capablanca, Karpov, Smyslov, petrosian, etc. But it seems that every time (well most) he plays Nakamura it turns into "oh, you threw a rock at me? Well, here's a brick! How ya like that, huh? Oh no you didn't! A wrench? Oh its on now, here's the kitchen sink, how you like dat?!!

  • #2

    This game is hilarious. Magnus and Hikaru are friends but over the board you wouldn't know it. Naka is throwing everything out there and Magnus is like "ok, its like that? I'm castling right into it! Its on like a pot of chittlins'! Bring it on brave one........ and they'll laugh about it afterwards and probably go clubbin' together, maybe a few brewskys.

  • #3

    The problem for Nakamura is he's going to have to be very accurate in the current position or get blown off the board in short order.

  • #4

    Bg7, uh-oh  not looking good for Naka... or so my computer tells me ;)

    But seriously... two knights on the rim, king in the center... even to me it looks uncomfortable.

  • #5

    Carlsen missed the correct continuation after Bg7, but even so, just look at how much space Carlsen has. This looks very dubious for black.

  • #6

    Yes, to my eye black still has lots of difficulty even if the computer is saying it's not so bad now.

    Also is his time disadvantage.

  • #7

    Time difference is going to be another factor here. Nakamura will surely end up in time trouble if they make it to move 40.

  • #8

    Another dubious move of Ng2 by Nakamura. Carlsen will need to find 22.f6! to jump on it.

  • #9

    It appears to me that Hikaru is trying to persuade Magnus that he has a legitimate attacking position even though (from my limited understanding) Magnus has the legitimate attacking position and Hikaru should be tightening up his position to prepare to defend (this after Hikaru's 21. ...Ng2 move).

  • #10

    I guess he completely overlooked f6.  Wonder if carlsen will spot it.

  • #11

    He found it

  • #12

    I don't see how Hikaru is going to recover his position after Magnus's f6 move. Seems to shut down the lines for black's pieces to swing into the king side and it looks to me like Hikaru is over extended with disjointed pieces and pawn structure that'll be tough to manage against Magnus in the coming moves.

  • #13

    Really Ng2 was a bad move. Nakamura would still be in it with something like Bh6 instead.

  • #14

    Black's minors make a funny impression heh.

  • #15

    Hikaru's position is crashing under the stress of Magnus's pieces. Even if the clocks were reversed I doubt it'd help Hikaru. Oh well, next round new game! :)

  • #16

    Naka does that N on the rim stuff and just leaves them there. He's playing one of the most brilliant positional players ever and tries this over and over. I guess that's why he's NEVER beaten magnus in 20 something games. 0-6 the rest draws maybe!? You'd think he'd change his overly (unwarranted) aggressive strategy after so many beat Downs. But ohwell, that's his style. Lets see how this game works out. Maybe?

  • #17

    Looks like Carlsen found a stronger move than the computers in a wild position. 29: Be6!! was just overlooked by the computers. 

  • #18

    nah , he's gonna let magnus mate :)

    [edit] oops, no he's not...Foot in Mouth

  • #19

    Impressive win for Carlsen. Smile

  • #20

    Naka likes to stare at his totally lost position for 15 minutes before resigning... well at least it's over now.

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